• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the weekly schedule of the league?

    • Each player is assigned to a team which will practice one night a week and play games on Saturdays. Each practice and game is approximately one hour in length. Their practice day and time should not change unless something unforeseen comes up. The game schedule will vary slightly based on the number of teams in the age division. 

    What night will my child have practice?

    • We typically try to follow the following schedule for practices, however we are depending on volunteer coaches so we do our best to work with the coaches availability. Monday = 6:00 pm Tiny Slammer practice  7:00 pm Slammers/Super Slammers/Grand Slammers , Tuesdays = 6:00 pm - Mini Slammers 7:00 pm - Little Slammers Wednesdays 6:00 pm - Slammers/Super Slammers 7:00 pm - Slammers/Super Slammers Thursdays = 6:00 pm - Mini Slammers 7:00 pm - Little Slammers
    What if my child has limitation on what night they can practice?
    • Please communicate and potential conflicts with practices night upon registration and we will do our very best to ensure that your team will practice on a night that they can attend.  

    I would like to volunteer some time to help, who should I contact?

    • We are always looking for volunteers. Please contact B.J. Ivey at 941-224-9378 for more information.

    My son or daughter has just had a birthday but I'm not sure they are ready to move up in to a different division. Can my child play in a lower division until they have the skills to move up?

    • Absolutely, please contact B.J. Ivey to discuss.
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