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    Phil Skirbal

    Nobody in our family is a past or future basketball star, but of all the activities my four girls have been involved in, from swimming to tennis to gymnastics to violin lessons, my experience at Suncoast Youth Basketball League has been one of the most rewarding for me as a father, and hopefully has been equally rewarding for them as children. Watching the speed at which my girls got involved in a team sport, watching their skills improve, watching the glee on their faces when they score points in a game, SEEING THEIR APPRECIATION OF THE SPORTSMANSHIP THEY ARE TAUGHT, and seeing their rapid growth as athletes and as future adults has been truly amazing. I would recommend the experience to any parent and their young basketball players.

    Tim & Linda Whitacre

    We would highly recommend the Suncoast Youth Basketball League to anyone that wants to get their kids involved in a fun, competitive basketball program. All four of our kids have participated on many teams in the league and it has always been a rewarding experience. Bill Ivey, and his son B.J., have put together a first class operation that emphasizes fun, teamwork and fair play. I would suggest any interested parents to get involved in the league with coaching or helping. We have made many friends over the years that we may have not met if we were not involved in some way.

    John Moor, MD

    As a coach or spectator to my 4 kids over 7 years at Suncoast Youth Basketball, it remains a pleasure to support organized basketball. Bill and BJ Ivey have created an excellent balance of competitive sport that is accessible to all skill levels. They truly have their hearts in the right place as they continually emphasize to parents and coaches that Suncoast's main goal is for kids to have fun. I have found that the legion of volunteers they have assembled evidence that concept. It has been a joy to watch many players progress from young Suncoast players to become area high school athletes.

    Steve Fisk

    Bill Ivey's Suncoast Youth Basketball League is a great way for boys and girls to learn and hone their basketball skills. My Sarasota Christian High School girls' basketball team has been in the Fhsaa State Final Four in Lakeland the last two years, and I have had several players named to the Sarasota Herald Tribune All-Area Team and one to the Fhsaa All-State First Team. Many of my players participated in the Suncoast Youth Basketball League, and I have no doubt that their experiences with the league contributed substantially to these team and individual successes.

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